36 Days Until I'm 36


In 36 days I will be 36 years old. My, have time flown by. Recently, I’ve been processing a lot of new information and it has been a little overwhelming but also fulfilling. Questions that I’ve asked are being answered which is causing me to shift. While I’ve been learning and consuming new information I’ve been on pause with my intentions, goals, and plans. When experiencing a shift sometimes it is good to be still until it’s time to move accordingly. That stillness could last a few days, months or years depending on the situation. Trust yourself and the process and allow yourself to surrender to it. 

What I’ve learned and still learning during this process is that when you ask questions you have to let go of how the answers will show up. We will get the answers to our prayers and questions but disregard them because we become too attached to what we think the answer should be. We think, “This can’t be it” and throw the whole solution away. Sometimes the answer is more questions, sometimes it’s a lesson and other times it shows up how we expected. Don’t get so lost in the presentation that you miss out on your answers/blessings. 

Also, be mindful of the questions you ask. It’s important to ask questions from a place of vulnerability. Sometimes we shame and guilt ourselves out of asking certain questions and end up skating around what we truly want. Surface level questions get surface level answers. Be open and honest with yourself so you can receive the request for your desire. 

Lastly, I took the pictures a few months ago to celebrate my fibroid removal. They were taken by my talented friend Mercy. You can find her work here and here!

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