34 days to 36: Figure It Out in the Moment


Sometimes I have to remind myself to relax and figure it out when the time comes. I’ve been thrown into plenty of situations dazed, confused and struggling trying to figure out. I take it moment by moment and step by step. I end up figuring things out because I push through the frustration, mistakes, egos, and miscommunication. I’m a processor so a lot of things don’t click right away but I allow my determination to guide me. Eventually, I’ll figure it out....... somehow.

I write this is a reminder to myself and whoever needs to hear this: It’s not you. We all receive information and experiences different but sometimes we are only offered one way to receive it. My suggestions are to rely on your other strengths, just breathe or take a time out when you’re frustrated and figure that out moment by moment.  I would write more but my head is throbbing and I’m going to drink some tea. Have a goodnight  

Until Next Time,

April Odom

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