"Hot Damn Ho, Here We Go Again"




So this is my 3rd or 4th time starting a blog  and trying to figure out my voice in the world. My first blog was great. I went to a lot of events and met amazing black women building their brands and building each other up. Honestly, if I would of kept up with that blog it would have been successful and I probably wouldn't be sitting at a desk working for someone else. But along the way it became overwhelming and I lost passion for it. I kept asking myself, “What am I doing this for?” I didn’t have an answer so I decided to let it go. Also, my work life shifted and I couldn't devote the time needed for my blog to  properly grow. I tried to do a few more blogs or newsletters along the way but my heart was not in it and I let them go as well. I felt like I was putting things out that were not authentic or projects that I could not do alone. Having a blog or creating any type of content can be very time consuming and stressful. With that being said I was still feeling an itch to create something. How can I be creative, authentic and unapologetic? How can I contribute to this world? Does my voice matter? The internet is so saturated that it’s easy for me to step away and ask what can I do that is different from everyone else. Who the fuck knows! All I can do is create, share and release. 

So what is my blog about you (didn’t) ask? AprilOdom.com will be a place where I share lessons that I have learned, my perspective on certain topics, fashion and health journey.  As I continue to unfold into my creativity I will produce different type content for my blog as it grows. Honestly, I don’t want to define my website too much because I want it to flow effortlessly and easily. Allow it to be extension of myself without allowing myself to be consumed by it. 

Before I go….

I have lived many lives and learned many lessons. Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” The hardest thing for me to do is share the pain and shame that I have experienced but I also know in order for me to heal it is important for me to share my experiences with others. I’m not trying to be a spiritual teacher or life coach. If the words I write or say gives solace to a few people then I'm good with that. 

Thank you for stopping by!


So my friend took pictures of me for my website and she took so many great shots that I want to share them all! Thanks Mercy! Please check her out at here and here.